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Sooner Horse Trailers

Sooner Horse Trailer DealerWell built. Those two words have been synonymous with Sooner equine trailers for generations. Because with a 50 year company history, Sooner certainly knows how to build a premium quality, durable trailer. Everything that goes into a Sooner, such as its quality materials, advanced engineering and skilled workmanship, ensures that when you purchase a Sooner, you’re investing in a quality product that will last for years to come.

Sooner Bumper Pull

The Sooner SE 20 and SE 30 models are rugged and refined slant-load bumper pulls that provide both convenience and quality. Featuring a 7′ interior height for your horses’ comfort, a spacious dressing room for convenient storage and large hand-built windows designed to maximize airflow, these trailers are built to please.

Sooner Gooseneck

These 3 and 4 horse trailers boast a tough exterior, complete with an extruded nose rail and “Echelon” slat that wraps around the rear of the trailer to help protect against the abuse of the road. Also featuring LED lights, a fully carpeted rear tack, and an impressively strong floor system, these trailers are built for the long haul.

Sooner Living Quarters

The Sooner Legacy was designed with cowboys in mind. This trailer has a tough exterior, complete with an extruded nose rail and full-length “Echelon” slat provides a dynamic new look that helps protect the trailer against the abuse of the road. The Sooner Saratoga living quarters models cater to both Western and English riders alike. The design is similar to our previous years’ Sooner Equine models, including a concealed nose rail for a sleek, stylish-looking trailer, and the Saratoga’s new “Arrays” style slat provides an updated look.

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